Welcome New Board Member Haleigh Scherma!

LACEFT is proud to introduce one of our newest board members, Haleigh Scherma! Haleigh will be serving as the Event Promotion Committee Chair. Her position is aimed at promoting the attendance at LACEFT events and connecting members in the community to the organization. If you’ve seen any new social media for LACEFT, here’s the face behind it. 👩🏼‍💻 Haleigh Scherma is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, dual licensed in the states of California and Colorado. Haleigh is certified in EFT and now an EFT supervisor-in-training. She was trained in EFT during graduate school in 2015 and became certified during her private group practice work in Denver, Colorado. She currently has her own private practice in West Los Angeles, Cycles Couples Counseling, where she focuses on work with highly reactive couples, anger management, sexuality and LGBT issues. While she does work with a few individuals, Haleigh enjoys working with the tough cookie couples and those who have struggled with emotional expression and attachment trauma.