Susan Thau, Ph.D. is now a Certified EFT Supervisor

It is with great pleasure that I announce to my LACEFT friends and colleagues that Susan Thau, Ph.D., one of the originators of LACEFT, is now certified as an EFT Supervisor. Susan embodies the principles of EFT in her soft and caring way, and in her desire to understand her supervisees and their clients as deeply as she can. She has a solid mastery of EFT, and a strong commitment and enthusiasm for the model. She makes supervision an experience, thus beautifully teaching EFT thorough experiential learning.

Susan easily establishes and fosters strong alliances with her supervisees. In her supervision sessions, she offers her thoughts on her supervisees’ good work and she shares with them what she feels needs improvement. In her soft way, she helps her supervisees think through their understanding of their couples’ cycles, and their ways of being with their couples in order to deepen and process emotions. Then, Susan almost always does a role play in supervision, offering her supervisees an experience with emotions that they might be feeling or that their clients might be having. In her role-plays, Susan offers herself and her own responses, which really helps bring her sessions alive.

Susan is trained as a psychoanalyst, so she brings an in-depth way of working to her EFT work. Susan was also in a study group for many years with Alan Schore, so she understands the neurobiological underpinnings of attachment and emotion. She brings all of this in-depth knowledge and experience to her supervision. Susan was part of the Caught in the Struggle training video that the founding board of the LA Center for EFT made. In the video, she was the nonverbal reflection behind me, and I relied on her touch and compassion when I was caught in the couple’s struggle. Her hand on my shoulder was just what I needed to stay calm in the storm the couple presented.

Susan was an integral part of the formation of the EFT Center in Los Angeles. Her brilliant ideas, enthusiasm and her wonderful way of working with others has helped make the LA Center for EFT what it is today.

In Gail Palmer’s response to Susan’s application, Gail said:

“It is wonderful to have a therapist of your depth and experience as a member of our supervisors league. I can see that you attune to your therapists, you are right there with them, as they travel with their clients through the EFT journey. You can move smoothly between conceptualization, experiential and SOT elements of supervision and keep it completely oriented to the couple work. I find your steady and calm style so reassuring to your supervisees which is what is so needed in this most important work.”

Susan, welcome to the EFT Supervisor Group. I know you will continue to help therapist feel supported in their learning process, stay centered in their work, and help couples love each other.

Please send any personal notes to Susan at

Nancy Gardner, Ph.D.
Co-Founder of LA Center for EFT
EFT Trainer and Supervisor