Caught in the Struggle

Emotional Dysregulation in the EFT Therapist

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Caught in the Struggle - Emotional Dysregulation in the EFT TherapistThe attuned EFT therapist physically and emotionally experiences a couple’s distress through limbic system arousal, right brain communication, and mirror neurons. This DVD illustrates the attuned EFT therapist at work. Through dramatized short segments of EFT couple therapy sessions, this DVD demonstrates the interplay between couple, therapist, and the therapist’s triggered internal responses. The therapist puts her own struggles into words, and discusses her attempts to regulate her emotional responses to the couple.

By watching this DVD you will learn to:

  1. Apply psychobiological understanding of resonance and attunement between EFT therapist and couple.
  2. Monitor and regulate therapist physical/emotional responses to a couples during EFT sessions.
  3. Interpret couple communication via nonverbal cues more effectively.
  4. Integrate therapist personal reactions and affect regulation into meaningful and accurate EFT interventions.

This DVD is a collaborative project developed and performed by EFT therapists and supervisors who form the board of the Los Angeles Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy (LACEFT). LACEFT is affiliated with the International Center for EFT (ICEEFT) . Similiar to EFT Centers and Communities in other cities, its goals are to promote the learning and practice of EFT, develop and support an active community of EFT therapists, and connect couples to EFT therapists and related resources.