Recap from “Right Here Right Now” with Nancy Gardner, PhD

Saturday, December 2nd, we at the Los Angeles Center for EFT were treated to a wonderful experience. Our Trainer Nancy Gardner, PhD, presented a 3 hour program titled “Right Here, Right Now: The Power of the Present Moment.” Nancy presented a video of a Live Session she had done during a Core Skills recently. Nancy followed a way of teaching that I have come to love – showing a minute or two of the video and helping us focus on just that little bit at a time. I have found this way of teaching incredibly helpful in that rather than focusing so much on the Steps and Stages, the focus is actually on doing the work of eliciting and heightening emotion, highlighting the attachment meanings, setting up and creating enactments, and creating connection, one moment after another.

It was also helpful to many of us when she pointed out places in the video where she felt anxious and unsure, normalizing the tension all of us feel when we aren’t sure what to do, or when we realize we have made a mistake.

Nancy’s work with the couple in the video was slow and sensitive, and her narrative and explanations clear. Providing a half-hour for role plays helped us all put what we were learning into practice.

Thank you Nancy for sharing your experience and expertise with us.

Karen Shore, PhD, ABPP

President, Los Angeles Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy
Certified Therapist and Supervisor in EFT
Diplomate in Group Psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP)