[Program Recap] The Road to Certification in EFT

Nancy Gardner and Silvina Irwin Lead EFT Therapists Down the Road to Certification

On March 1, 2019, our two LA EFT Trainers, Nancy Gardner and Silvina Irwin, led a workshop on becoming certified as EFT therapists.  Nancy and Silvina showed examples of tapes that have qualified for certification. And they provided an opportunity for feedback on therapists’ tapes.  A panel of EFT therapists in different stages of working on certification talked to the workshop.  Here are some comments from the evaluations:

  • Thank you for offering this course.  It was so helpful!
  • Great workshop!  Wonderful training
  • Loved the panel sharing—helped to learn that it is a process and journey and to be patient and persevere
  • Thank you so much for a great training on the road to EFT Certification. I love EFT
  • I am sorry.  I cannot offer any criticism.  You guys are amazing!!!