[Member Announcement] Terry Higgins is now a Certified EFT Supervisor!

LACEFT is proud to celebrate another new ICEEFT Certified Supervisor in our community, Dr. Terry Higgins!!!

Dr. Higgins is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who received her Ph.D. from USC, and also holds an MBA from Claremont University. Additionally, she has advanced training in Leadership; Communications; Stress/Anger management; and Bible Studies. She specializes in EFT marital therapy, including Christian-based therapy. Dr. Higgins is the self-published author of “God’s Psychology: Mental Health Jesus’ Way – How to overcome the Deceptions in Your Life.” ⁣

In her certification letter, Gail said, “I agree with your mentors, that you are a guide that brings kindness and wisdom to the supervision room. I can see Carl Rogers’ influence in your genuine manner and the unconditional positive regard you show for your therapists. I like how slowly and respectfully you work with your therapists, and how you focus in a specific way, leaning into their learning edges.” ⁣

Dr. Higgins has connected with many of her therapists as a group leader at L.A.’s Externships and Core Skills. They have been drawn to her because of her kind heart and depth of knowledge. I’m sure she will continue to successfully guide her supervisees towards certification. ⁣

We are all grateful to have Dr. Terry Higgins as part of our LACEFT community! To congratulate her personally, reach out at higter@aol.com