On behalf of ICEEFT, LACEFT, Lisa Palmer, Marlene Best, and myself, we are so happy to announce Suzanne Barron, MFT, is a Certified Supervisor.  What a gift Suzanne is to her therapists and our community.  In her letter, Allison said, “I was impressed by the first point you made in your paper that people should never learn EFT alone. I remembered this as I saw you walking beside your supervisees – so supportive and so attuned. Suzanne I thought your work was outstanding and I believe those who seek supervision from you will receive great riches in terms of safety, compassion and  support to move their skills forward in the model.” I couldn’t agree more!

It has been a joy to work with Suzanne through both certification processes as a Certified Therapist and now as a Certified Supervisor.  Many of you know Suzanne as LACEFT’s Vice President & Programs Chair.  She also coordinates and oversee’s the volunteer training teams at LA’s Externships and Core Skills.  I’m so grateful to have had Suzanne assist at our Certification Ready trainings where a number of her supervisee’s have presented beautiful Stage 1 clips.  I’m sure you’ll see Suzanne writing congratulation announcements for a number of her supervisees this year. If you would like to congratulate Suzanne please email her at


Congratulations Suzanne!!!

Kristina Jackson MS MFT
Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist
and Supervisor