[Member Announcement] Ossi Pace is a Certified EFT Therapist!

Congratulations to our LACEFT member, Ossi Pace, for becoming a Certified EFT therapist this year!! Ossi Pace, M.A., is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Ossi holds her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and her Bachelor’s Degree in History at UCLA. She is also extensively trained in EMDR. She works with both couples and individuals at her practice in Beverly Hills.

EFT has fundamentally changed the way she works with clients. Ossi feels EFT is an amazingly powerful approach to helping couples heal their relationships by learning new ways for communicating and resolving deep conflicts, understanding the root of their distress, and creating new experiences of closeness and security that help couples have lasting resolution and repair. She continues to hone this model in her daily practice with clients.