[Member Announcement] Karen Earnest is now a Certified EFT Therapist!

LACEFT is excited to celebrate another ICEEFT Certified Therapist in our community, Dr. Karen Earnest!

On behalf of ICEEFT and LACEFT it is our privilege to congratulate Dr. Karen Earnest on her certification as an EFT therapist!

Dr. Earnest embodies the heart of the EFT process through her compassionate presence, attuned awareness, and skillful guidance of emotional moments with her couples.

In review of her work Gail Palmer highlighted her intentional engagement and focus in helping partners find more of their experience together and using these moments to create new possibilities and connections. In response to one of these moments Gail wrote: “So beautiful- his words capture what EFT is all about and you helped him do what he didn’t know how to do! Lovely work! ”

Dr. Earnest is a board certified neuropsychologist who owns a private practice in Arcadia where she sees couples and integrates her skills with EFT, EMDR and IFS. You can hear more about her practice at https://www.karenearnestphd.com/
You can send your congratulations directly to Karen at ke@karenearnestphd.com