[Member Announcement] Anne Crile is a Certified EFT Therapist!

Congratulations is Due to Anne Crile

By Nancy Gardner

Please join together in celebrating that Anne Crile, LMFT, is now a Certified EFT therapist!!!

In his announcement about Anne’s certification, Jim Furrow says  “A steady, deep, compassionate presence – Anne provides the kind of safe haven that couples count on to find safe passage through the storms of life… Anne’s hard work and dedication is reflected in a clarity and depth that I find inspiring and transformative to those she serves.”

Gail Palmer noted in her review of Anne’s certification tapes that, “Anne moves softly and slowly to match a client’s window of tolerance and work through partner’s pain and hurt, using an attachment lens to bring comfort, growth, and new understanding.”

Anne has been with LACEFT for several years, serving as the Chair of our Promotions Committee.  She has recently agreed to take the position of Membership Chair for LACEFT.  Anne lends her steady and deep presence to LACEFT as a valued member of the board.

Anne has been an able helper in many local EFT trainings, and readily shares her lovely, caring, and competent way of working with clients.

Anne is in private practice in Pasadena. She specializes in working with couples — especially on issues of restoring trust and navigating the difficulties of infertility, grief & loss.  Anne is a graduate of the Fuller Marriage and Family Therapy Program where she worked under the supervision of Jim Furrow in his EFT training program.  In addition to her EFT training, she also has advanced training in Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP).

If you know Anne or even better, if you want to get to know Anne, you can reach out and congratulate her personally at anne@annecrile.com