LACEFT has a new Certified EFT Therapist!!

It is my pleasure that my first task as LACEFT’s President is to announce that LACEFT has a new Certified EFT Therapist!  Diana Shulman, PhD, is L.A.’s newest Certified EFT Therapist!!

dianashulman-bf8e3c2edc16a5e351694e1b1bd89c33Diana is exquisitely attuned to her clients and has worked hard to integrate all she knows into a beautiful, empathic, supportive EFT style where she can help craft some lovely interactions.  Diana is quite an accomplished psychologist, having first trained as a research psychoanalyst.  Since then, she has been Certified in the Gottman method and in AEDP…and now, in EFT!  She loves learning and had a longing to help people reach deep emotion and to put it into their interactions.  She does beautiful EFT work.

She has an office on the Westside of L.A. (Westwood) and in Encino (San Fernando Valley).

It’s been my pleasure to supervise her these past few years, and while I’ve work to help her learn, I’ve also learned from working with her.  I am so excited for her!!!

Please join me in congratulating Diana for doing such beautiful work and for attaining her Certification as an EFT Therapist.

Best regards to all.


Karen Shore, PhD, ABPP, CGP
President, Los Angeles Center for Emotionally Focused Therapy (LACEFT)