[PROGRAM RECAP] Dr. Sue Johnson’s Presentation, “Flying through the Storm” – Working with Challenging Couples

We in LACEFT (Los Angeles Center for EFT) were so thrilled and honored to have Sue with us for two days this past weekend for “Flying through the Storm” – Working with Challenging Couples.

We had about 120 people, all excited and energized to be together and to learn from Sue Johnson herself. Sue was so easy to learn from – clear, comprehensive, encouraging, and supportive. For most of us, information we had learned was reinforced, and we also learned new things. Personally, I loved how Sue has morphed EFT from the Steps and Stages, adding the the EFT Tango as a way to move through the Steps, and more recently, to the Elements of Emotion/Emotion Assembly which enriches and enhances how we move through the Tango. So many of us, including me, wish it all came to us as naturally to us as it comes to Sue – and since it doesn’t, we are so grateful that she has a way of teaching that helps us absorb what you have to say. We thank her for a superbly energizing two days!

And I cannot thank our LACEFT Trainers, Board, Committee members, and helpers enough for working so hard to put this program together. This was a huge effort, took months of work and a tremendous push in the last two weeks, and it all came together for a smooth operation. Thank you Trainers Silvina Irwin and Nancy Gardner, Board Members Betsy Walli (Program Committee Chair), Michele Hahn (Event Promotion Committee Chair), June Shigeno (Secretary), Lisa Blum (Treasurer), Karen Martin Fiedler (Membership Committee Chair), Veronica Thomas and Rose Hickman (Outreach Committee Chairs), Allison Rosenberg (Scholarship Committee Chair). Our Administrative Assistant, Ayla Dillard Mansouri, was amazing, taking care of all our needs, changes, tons of texts, emails, postings, and phone calls, which were numerous the last few days. It was a labor of love for all of us.

Most moving were the four people who presented cases to Sue: Linda Saker, Ossi Pace, Betsy Walli, and Lisa Osborn. The courage they showed to get up in front of us, show us and Sue your work – to take that risk is something many of us avoid. Their work and interaction with Sue as she supervised them was very moving, and we learned from them. A big “Thank You” to them for being brave enough to take that risk.

We are delighted that those who attended were so energized and satisfied with the program. Thank you for coming.

LACEFT hopes to bring the EFT community more top-notch programs throughout the year. Check our program schedule on www.laceft.org.

With gratitude to all mentioned above and warm regards to all,

Karen Shore
President, LACEFT