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A therapist’s level of EFT training is indicated as follows.

Basic Level: Completed a 4 or 5 day EFT Externship.
Additional Training Level: Additional Training with EFT Supervision Completed.
Certified EFT Therapist
Certified EFT Supervisor

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Shantel Daniels, MA

EFT Training Level: Basic
For more information and appointments contact: 236 W Mountain, Suite 202 Pasadena CA 91103 Phone: (323) 676-1633 Website:


When you feel like you’re losing the most important relationship in your life, you want to make sure you do everything to save it. I am trained to help couples who feel distant and discontent strengthen their relationship and start connecting and loving again. Your relationship can be repaired with support.

Ready to take the first steps toward a new life together? Where you’re closer and feel more love than ever before. Call today.

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236 W Mountain, Suite 202 Pasadena CA 91103