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Basic Level: Completed a 4 or 5 day EFT Externship.
Additional Training Level: Additional Training with EFT Supervision Completed.
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Damiana Valentini, LMFT

EFT Training Level: Basic Training in EFT Level
For more information and appointments contact: 3371 Glendale Boulevard, Suite 204 Los Angeles CA 90039 Phone: 347-326-2900 Website: www.damianavalentini.com
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Damiana works with both straight and LGBTQIA couples and has experience with non-traditional relationships. She supports clients in understanding how they define themselves in the context of their relationships. An individual’s ability to regulate emotions is based on their sense of connection to a loved one. When they feel disconnected, they experience loss, rejection and abandonment. When they are unable to express these hurt feelings, problems arise. Damiana provides a safe space to help couples share these feelings and strengthen and repair their connections.
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3371 Glendale Boulevard, Suite 204 Los Angeles CA 90039