Congratulations to Veronica Thomas on Becoming an EFT Certified Supervisor!

Veronica Thomas, Ph.D., is a newly certified EFT Supervisor.   Veronica is a gem in the EFT world, and a loving and committed EFT Supervisor.  I am just thrilled that she has reached this milestone.


In Gail’s notice of Veronica’s certification, Gail said: “I can see that you are very comfortable with the supervisory role and devote a considerable amount of time reviewing the tape and providing validating and on target feedback and also model empathic reflections.”   Gail appreciated Veronica saying, “Like our therapy, going slow in supervision, and slicing our interventions thin also apply.”  Karen Shore, Veronica’s other mentor in her supervision of supervision, said, “I found Veronica having a very high capacity for attunement with her supervisee and an ability to very gently guide her supervisee in EFT skills.”

As Veronica’s mentor in her process of becoming an EFT certified supervisor, and after working with her previously as she was earning her certification as an EFT therapist, I can testify to how valuable Veronica is to her clients and to her supervisees.  She has a solid mastery of EFT, and a strong commitment and enthusiasm for the model.  She easily conveys her understanding to her supervisees, and she safely walks her supervisees through their learning process with her quiet and caring way.   In her soft way, she helps her supervisees think through their understanding of their couples’ cycles, and their ways of being with their couples in order to deepen and process emotions.  Veronica thoughtfully asks about supervisee blocks to unpacking the cycle and deepening emotions.   Her supervisees experience her caring and work with her easily.

Veronica has assisted in several Externships and Core Skills Workshops with trainees.  Attendees gravitate to Veronica’s mastery of the model, her quiet confidence and the safe atmosphere that she creates to foster their learning.  Veronica is also an integral part of the EFT Center in Los Angeles.  She is part of the original steering committee and the founding board and she remains an important part of our group brain.  She was a part of the Caught in the Struggle training video that the founding board of the LA Center for EFT made.  She came to EFT with a history of working with children and families in a center that she founded in Los Angeles, has always had a strong base in attachment theory.  She has supervised many therapists before she came into the EFT world.

Please join me in welcoming Veronica Thomas to the community of EFT supervisors.  You can direct your congratulations to her at


Nancy Gardner, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist PSY15270

370 N. Westlake Blvd.  #220

Westlake Village, CA 91362


Executive Director, Los Angeles Center for EFT

Certified Therapist, Supervisor, Trainer in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)