Congratulations to Minoo Saeedvafa on Becoming a Certified EFT Therapist!

A hearty congratulations to Minoo Saeedvafa who just became an EFT Certified Therapist here in Los Angeles!  I’ve had the pleasure of supervising Minoo for the past several years and her growth has been amazing.
Minoo is so highly attuned to her clients right from the beginning.  Minoo’s slow, soft approach and superb ability to meet, then follow, and then lead her clients to explore their inner emotions, meanings and needs, is truly amazing and a delight to see.
With her Stage 1 couple, she worked with a man who had almost no ability at first to identify and verbalize his inner state, feelings or needs.  Minoo’s ability to at first slowly suggest words for his emotions, based on her attuned sense of what was going on for him, was so important and helped him to eventually start to be able to find his own words for what was going on in him. Minoo’s validation of his partner provided containment for her hurt and pain, which was being expressed by questions that would make him feel criticized, helped her express herself with more clear messages.  This validation was so important in Minoo’s alliance with her, as this woman’s earlier life involved people denying her experiences, leaving her without any validation of her perceptions or interpretations of the interpersonal world around her.  Minoo’s work with the couple, slowly and clearly tracking the cycle and the underlying, unacknowledged emotions and needs, was beautiful, and it helped this couple be more aware of the way they became “stuck” in their dialogues.  Using some Stage 1 enactments, the couple began to transform their relationship.
With her Stage 2 couple, Minoo’s deep capacity for empathy and attunement, and her beautifully slow processing, validating, and heightening truly transformed the relationship this couple had. They began therapy complaining of frequent fights based on misunderstandings and rigid positions each would take.  Sessions would often start with a continuation of the fight they had been having before the session.  Neither partner felt cared for, and the husband at one point complained to Minoo, “Get me out of here.  Save me from this angry woman!”  And of course, his withdrawal led her to angry criticism and complaints.  The wife complained that her husband would shut her out for days at a time.   The video Minoo submitted showed Pursuer Softening, and by this time, the withdrawer was so engaged that you couldn’t even picture him as anything but a present, attuned, caring, engaged partner – which spoke volumes to me about how Minoo helped this partner move from someone who would disconnect for days to a man who showed incredible loving presence.  It was one of the most amazing transformations I’d ever seen.  Because of this wonderful work, Minoo was then able to guide the wife through her fears of being left, to parts work where she could speak of her desire to be loving to her husband in response to his loving presence vs. her fears of loneliness and unlovability and her experience as a child of having no voice, no power in relationships with men that led her to hold back for a while.  Minoo helped her work through some of the family of origin issues that were showing up with her husband to a point where she could express her underlying attachment fears to her husband, with him reaching back to her with love, understanding and support.
Minoo’s ability to track, to attune, to validate, to heighten emotion, and to elicit self-reflection in her clients is beautiful to watch, and her warmth and depth of caring left me, the viewer of her videos, feeling like someone had just put a blanket over me and given me some warm cocoa. Beautiful work, Minoo!
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Karen Shore, PhD, ABPP
LACEFT President