2020 is an election year

A LACEFT Election Year!

LACEFT Board members serve for three-year terms, and it is time for you, our members, to vote for the Board positions.  We will hold an online election next month, and new terms will begin July 1.  What follows are the positions that are open for new three-year terms.  Several have been made by presidential appointment to fill openings left in partial terms, and those individuals need to be voted into office by the members to make their positions permanent in the new term.  Some board members are terming out, as the longest a board member can serve is two three-year terms, with an optional third, three-year term.

Current – Kristina Jackson (interim position)
Running – Kristina Jackson

Vice President of Programs
Current – Suzanne Barron (interim position)
Running – Suzanne Barron

Current – Lisa Blum (terming out after two full and one partial term)
Running – RJ Thomas

Current – Betsy Walli (interim position)
Running – Betsy Walli

Promotion Committee Chair

Current – Haleigh Scherma (interim position)
Running – Haleigh Scherma

Membership Committee Chair

Current – Karen Martin Fiedler (terming out after three full terms)
Running – Anne Crile

Outreach Committee Chair for Professionals
Current – Maryam Dalilli (interim position)
Running – Maryam Dalilli

Outreach Committee Chair for Students/Pre-Professionals
Current – Kris Crownover (interim position)
Running – Kris Crownover

Diversity Committee Co-Chairs – New chair position
Running – Lisa Blum
Running – Yamonte Cooper

Scholarship Committee Chair
Current – Allison Rosenberg (not up for election)

Would you like to be a part of LACEFT’s growth and development?

We’d love your participation!

We have grown to an organization of 165 members. That is quite something! We are delighted to have each and every one of you working along with us. Are you ready to help LACEFT connect during social distancing and in the future when we transition back? Are you interested in becoming a board member? The best way to get started on that path is to become active on a committee, so you can see first hand how rewarding it is to be a part of this growing organization.

We will flourish! Join the movers and shakers of the organization!

If you would like to talk about becoming involved or volunteer for a LACEFT Committee after reading the descriptions below, please contact Kristina Jackson kristinajacksonmft@gmail.com and provide your cell number.

Thank you so much for considering becoming an active member of the LACEFT Community!

Kristina Jackson, MFT
LACEFT President

This Committee organizes membership drives, welcomes new members and focuses on the needs of LACEFT’s members. They help with registration at our events, organizes LACEFT’s annual Social Event, and in the middle of a pandemic are focused on understanding the new needs of members. LACEFT’s “Let’s Get Coffee…At A Safe Distance” is one new way of reaching out to take care of members. In all of these activities, the aim is to promote members’ engagement within LACEFT and with each other. Do you like socializing and helping people feel comfortable and connected? If so, then you are a natural for this Committee.

This is the Committee that brings training programs to LACEFT. The Committee’s hopes are to provide excellent opportunities that enable you to learn and develop your EFT knowledge, understanding, and skill. During this time of COVID-19 we are going to be looking at new and innovative ways to bring education over Zoom for now until we can move back to in-person trainings. When we are able to meet in person again this committee will strategically plan out multiple year trainings to meet the needs of all LACEFT members at every level of development. They will work with our event planner to book presenters, work with venues, proof read contracts which include seating, food and drink needs, technological set-ups, etc. This Committee makes sure that the events conform to APA and CAMFT requirements so that you can obtain CE Credits for your attendance. At venues that do not provide it, the Committee helps set up the room(s) and helps clean up at the end. Are you someone who is strategic, detailed-oriented, loves planning and overseeing educational and training events in order to support our LACEFT educational and connection needs? If so, the Program Committee would be a great fit for you!

The CE Credentialing Coordinator, a position within the Program Committee, is responsible, along with Nancy Gardner, for overseeing LACEFT’s compliance with APA and CAMFT standards for being an approved Sponsor of CE programs. This is a crucial position that insures that we are able to continue offering CE credits to our members. This Coordinator will work with Nancy to keep LACEFT in compliance with APA’s and CAMFT/BBS’s standards, to do annual reports to these organizations. A person who generally attends our programs and is good with attention to detail is what is needed.

The Event Promotion Committee gets out the word about LACEFT’s programs and events. This committee is the where our Social Media is developed. This committee develops and places announcements and advertisements to increase LACEFT’s visibility and familiarize people with our offerings, and also makes sure announcements reach our membership so that you are informed of our events and offerings in a timely manner. The Events Promotion Committee also helps the Outreach Committee and Membership Committee increase the public’s awareness of EFT and of LACEFT’s activities in the community. If you are interested in promoting our events and helping to make them a success, join the Event Promotion Committee!

The Outreach Committee has two branches. One branch focuses on professionals and the other on reaching out to students and pre-professionals. They do presentations to bring EFT awareness to graduate students and other professional groups. They will also be a resource and coordinating body for LACEFT members doing presentations on EFT, training opportunities, and information about LACEFT. During this time of COVID-19 they will be coordinating opportunities for online presentations. If you enjoy speaking to others about EFT, this is the Committee for you!

LACEFT would like to offer financial help to students and early career clinicians who would love to attend our educational and training events, including the Externships and Core Skills, but might find the cost prohibitive. Members of this committee will establish the criteria for scholarship awards that would go toward registration fees for events in order to make attendance a bit more affordable for students or early career therapists in need. They would collect and evaluate the applications of those who request scholarship assistance and propose potential awardees to the Board for approval. If you would like to help more people afford to learn EFT, you’d be welcome on this Committee.

LACEFT is committed to greater inclusion across all our programs, training events, community and social events, so that currently under-represented therapists from all backgrounds will feel welcome and reflected in our organization and our activities. We want to learn about and implement ways to make the organization of LACEFT and the EFT therapeutic world more embracing and accessible to therapists of all ages, races, ethnicities, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual and gender expressions, ability levels and language backgrounds. This committee is new and in its infancy; we are in the beginning stages of defining mission, goals and objectives. If you have an experience, perspective, or something to offer to this discussion, we would like to have your voice on this Committee.