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Learning to Trust Curiosity, Emotional Attunement, & Resonating Responsiveness First

December 1, 2018 @ 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Join us for this exciting program featuring Robert Ogner, LCSW, “Learning to Trust Curiosity, Emotional Attunement, & Resonating Responsiveness First: The Wonderment of Tuning Our Instruments“.

Date: Saturday, December 1, 2018

Schedule: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

Location: Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis

10780 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90025

Note: please wear comfortable clothes and shoes as we will move around a lot during the workshops.

A Message from Our Presenter:

Dear EFT Therapist,

Will four hours of immersion in experiences of empathic resonance and attunement result in deeper work with your couples? Based on my experience it will. Will you join me in this project to look for some answers to this question?

Therapists learning Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy often face a difficult and necessary dilemma. Our beautiful model of therapy asks us to learn to maneuver within a precise map of well researched steps, stages and interventions; while also calling on us to be with our couples from a place of exquisite attunement, resonance and responsiveness. The high cognitive demands of sorting where we are, and what we are doing, on the map, constrict our reliance on our heart’s response to our couples. I’ve had a long-term interest in developing a workshop that would provide an intense balancing experience for learners of EFT, of being deep in bodily-emotional experiencing of themselves and of their couple, that would help with this dilemma. This workshop is offered as an experiment in which I will rely on the participants feedback, 10-14 days following, to evaluate the impact of this endeavor.

To build this experimental workshop I draw on several years of facilitating a play group, that met monthly, for therapist friends and their spouses. The therapists in the group noticed various experiences of being more spontaneously responsive, mirroring clients more easily, and feeling more grounded and attuned while being with the people they were working to help.

I’ll lead participants in a progression of exercises that are all relationally organized and almost all organized as games with a focus. Focus and game orientation help keep participants out of their heads. Some of the demands of the games and the focus will have aspects of confusion while being evocative. This along with my coaching will keep people more in their body and emotion. The focus for each exercise or game will largely be toward expressions of, and responses to, deeply felt attunement and resonance. Mirroring exercises of many kinds will be woven throughout. Movement and action will be used to also get people out of their heads and into the vitality of their bodily streaming and pulsing experiences of self in relation to other. (Flatness, deadness, confusion, freezing, etc. may also be evoked.) Every experience will be valued and every exercise will call on participants to do things with other participants from these experiences.

The spirit of the day and of the exercises and games will be playful, though evocative of heart moving involvement as well as laughter. Some will place challenging demands on participants to find ways through experiences that parallel (as analogues or metaphors) what is demanded of us in working with couples.

There will be intermittent and unpredictable moments to process with other participants, but the coaching will be toward description of experience, not toward analysis or meaning. Everything in the workshop is to keep people feeling, sensing, in attunement, in experiences of being mirrored and mirroring, and of being responsive to self and other throughout. Immersion!

While CEUs will not be offered for this event, I’ll need the participants feedback to learn if this experiment led to qualities of deeper engagement in your work. If it did, and the workshop proved worthwhile, participant feedback will help shape learning objectives, as this project continues to develop, for subsequent workshops.

I’m looking forward to your participation,

Robert Ogner, LCSW, Certified EFT Therapist & Supervisor

Goals for Attendees: 

Here are some of the skills that I hope will emerge:

  • Inventiveness and Ingenuity,
  • Interpersonal Flexibility: Ability to find an alternate interpersonal path,
  • Emotional Agility,
  • Alertness,
  • Ability to involve oneself deeply,
  • Ability to be responsive to multiple stimuli,
  • Personal freedom with response time: immediate, considered, steady, unhurried, slow,
  • Personal freedom to lead,
  • Personal freedom to follow.


  • Early Bird Registration (through Nov. 10) – Non-Member Early – $50
  • Early Bird Registration (through Nov. 10) – LACEFT Member Early-Bird – $40
  • Early Bird Registration (through Nov. 10)- Student Early-Bird – $25
  • Registration (after Nov. 10) – Non-Member $60
  • Registration (after Nov. 10) – LACEFT Member $50
  • Registration (after Nov. 10) – Student $30

About Our Presenter

Robert practices in Westlake Village and Encino. He has specialized in working with couples for thirty years. He continues to be astonished and excited by the intricacy, richness and complexity of the EFT model. Robert has served as Clinical and Executive Director of Yolo Family Service Agency in Davis, Calif., as Clinical Instructor of Psychiatry at UC Davis School of Medicine, and taught workshops on couple therapy at California Lutheran University. He is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, as well as a Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor.

Click here to learn more about Robert.

Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance:

LACEFT is available to make arrangements for individuals with particular needs. Anyone who requires special accommodation for a disability is requested to notify LACEFT at least two weeks in advance by contacting Betsy Walli at or (714) 584-4447.

Cancellation Policy:

Refunds, less a $25 administration fee, will be issued for requests made on or before November 10, 2018.  We will not issue refunds that are requested after November 10, 2018.


December 1, 2018
8:30 am - 12:30 pm



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