Congratulations to Robert Ogner on Becoming an EFT Certified Supervisor!

Robert Ogner is a newly certified EFT Supervisor. Robert is a very special person who has contributed a great deal to the EFT world, and we are very fortunate to have him as an EFT Supervisor.

In Gail’s notification letter to Robert, she says: “The paper and the graph of your model of supervision was original, comprehensive, and on point. I especially like your paragraph on Equipping the EFT therapist- what a novel idea to think specifically how to resource your supervisees-looking at the process from the other end-rather then what you are doing -where you want the therapists to end up in their learning journey.  Simple concept but feels so new!!  What I noticed from the tapes is that you supervise from inside of yourself and lean into your intuition, and your own emotional responses (much like you do when you do therapy) Your tapes also show how genuine, transparent and thoughtful you are which creates strong alliances that encourage growth.”

As Robert’s close colleague and mentor for several years, I can say that Robert is creative in his thinking and in his interventions with his clients and supervisees.  He exudes warmth and compassion.  He is ever humble, ever thoughtful, and always focused on the heart of the matter.  He works with his supervisees in his caring and thoughtful way, and he easily forms deep alliances with his supervisees.  Because of his solid knowledge of the model, supervisees can, without question, rely on him for help with that.   And he offers them so much more.  He comes up alongside his supervisees and shares his thoughts and feelings about their work in his soft and involved way.

Robert has been at the center of the LA Center for EFT since its inception.  He works tirelessly, and his creativity, warmth, commitment to the EFT model and to helping others learn it is steadfast.  He was an important part of LACEFT’s Caught in the Struggle DVD, and he has been the key mover in a soon to be finished documentary on long-term couples.   Robert has assisted in many externships and in core skills workshops, working alongside trainers and supervisors, sharing thoughts and feelings with other therapists who are working with the EFT model and doing their best to be present with their couples in understanding their process and focusing on their emotions.

Please join us in warmly welcoming Robert to the community of EFT Supervisors.  Please send your notes to him directly at

Yours sincerely,

Nancy Gardner and Veronica Kallos-Lilly