Congratulations to Dr. Cathy Quinn on Becoming an ICEEFT-Certified EFT Therapist!

A Message from LACEFT President, Karen Shore:

Dear all,

It is with great pleasure that I announce that another of our LACEFT members, Dr. Cathy Quinn, has just become an ICEEFT-Certified EFT Therapist!  I have known Cathy for many years and know she has been studying hard and has been providing superb therapy to her couples.  Cathy  practices in Santa Monica and has been a LACEFT member for several years.  She attends many LACEFT activities and is a former LACEFT Board Member.

This is what her supervisor, Priscilla Zynda had to say in announcing Cathy’s Certification on the ICEEFT Listserve:

“It is with great joy that I announce that Cathy Quinn from Santa Monica, CA is a certified EFT therapist!!!  Hoorah!!! it has been such a pleasure to supervise Cathy over the years.  Cathy has been a very solid therapist throughout her career and EFT has been a natural fit for her.  She has been enthusiastic and persistent in learning EFT and is one of the most empathic therapists I’ve seen.” 

As Gail said:

I liked your use of evocative language and metaphors and your ability to emotionally connect with your clients.  Your collaborative and transparent stance as a therapist creates a very safe environment for your couples and allows them to have deeper conversations with each other.  I liked how you structured your enactments, they were well timed and sliced.  Very lovely work.”

Priscilla Zynda wrote:

“Hats off to Cathy!!!  The Southern California EFT Community is fortunate to have her!”

Indeed, on behalf of LACEFT’s Board, I’d like to share a hearty Congratulations to you, Cathy!

Karen Shore, PhD
President, LACEFT